Magnets for Crafts

  1. DIY Tie-Dye Marbled Clay Magnets

    DIY Tie-Dye Marbled Clay Magnets
    While warm days and sunshine are on there way, there are bound to also be some rainy days this summer. If you need a simple indoor project, these DIY, tie-dye marbled clay magnets are a fun and easy craft to brighten up your day. You can personalize each magnet with your own color schemes, patterns and shapes. You can get almost of the supplies for this craft at your local craft supplies store, which makes these just as convenient to make as they are fun! These clay magnets will be entertaining to create for the entire family! Continue reading →
  2. Modern Hexagon Magnets

    Modern Hexagon Magnets
    Geometric shapes are certainly trendy right now. They pair well with many modern aesthetics because of their clean lines meant to represent simplicity or minimalist design styles. This DIY magnetic project is not only a wonderful accent for your modern decor, but it is also extremely easy to make (keeping with the whole minimalism trend)! Continue reading →
  3. Quilt Magnets

    Quilt Magnets
    Quilts are a big part of American heritage. If you’re a quilt fan, or have had quilts passed down to you, these magnets are a great way to honor and keep up that tradition. This craft requires minimal supplies and is simple to make. Continue reading →
  4. Magnetic Upcycled Cork Decor

    Magnetic Upcycled Cork Decor
    At Apex, we love products with multiple functions. This DIY cork project not only features an item you can use for various reasons, but can also be upcycled into a product that is arguably higher-quality than the original. We have discussed other magnetic cork projects, however, this one will be sure to fancy your inner-artist. These upcycled cork decorations are fast and simple to make, and create great magnets for your fridge. Continue reading →
  5. Magnetic Copper Decoration DIYs

    Magnetic Copper Decoration DIYs
    Copper is versatile material, used for many practical purposes throughout the home. However, it has also become a popular decorating motif. If you love the copper aesthetic, these two do-it-yourself projects are right up your alley! In the spirit of spring cleaning, these crafts not only look great, but help you stay organized! Keep reading to learn how to make a magnetic DIY copper inspiration board and magnetic copper cup organizers. Continue reading →
  6. DIY Magnetic Spring Wreath

    DIY Magnetic Spring Wreath
    Here’s a fun spring DIY project to create with your family and use from spring to summer. Wreaths have been classic decor pieces for front doors for many years, but this DIY turns wreaths into a decoration for your refrigerator! The best part?  You can customize these wreaths to suit your personal or interior design style. Take this project to the next level and use all real materials from the good old outdoors, rather than getting them at your local craft store. Continue reading →
  7. DIY Magnetic Watering Can Planters

    DIY Magnetic Watering Can Planters
    Spring is in full force and what better way to celebrate warmer weather than to create your very own miniature magnetic watering can planters? These are perfect for sticking on your fridge or windows to give your kitchen an extra bright and spring-like look, or take them to work and place them on your desk or file cabinet! Continue reading →
  8. Magnetic Family Activities for Easter

    Magnetic Family Activities for Easter
    Easter is right around the corner, providing the perfect opportunity for quality family time. Follow these steps for some quality family time and to display hand-crafted, magnetic, Easter decorations! Continue reading →
  9. DIY Mini Magnetic Concrete Container

    DIY Mini Magnetic Concrete Container
    If you consider yourself a master DIY-er and are looking for a challenge,this project might be just what you’re looking for! This DIY Mini Magnetic Concrete Container is versatile, functional and fits in with anyone’s style. It’s a tad more involved than other magnet crafts, however the outcome is worth it! This mini concrete cube will excite any minimalist enthusiast and you’ll definitely want to make more for your friends. Continue reading →
  10. Souvenir Spoon Magnet DIYs

    Souvenir Spoon Magnet DIYs
    Do you own one or two memento silverware pieces and want a unique way to display them? Maybe you purchased them at a garage sale or thrift shop, or you picked them at your local flea market. Here are two magnetic DIYs that are great ways to not only show off your souvenir silverware, but also add a vintage or classic look to your kitchen! Continue reading →

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